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Keepsakes Connect was born from one mother's journey navigating life, loss, and love while connecting with meaningful memories along the way.

After the devastating loss of our youngest daughter to cancer at the age of five, honoring her memory has become a meaningful expression of love and gratitude. We began a tradition of setting out a plate for her as we came together during family gatherings, celebrations, milestones, and holidays. This became our special way of honoring her and keeping her memory alive in how we experienced our together moments as the years continued.


Along our grief journey, we continue to experience a range of emotions, from deep love and joy to the inevitable pain of loss that never leaves us. In these difficult times, we have found some solace in keeping cherished memories alive and creating new traditions. This act of honoring our loved ones is a special gift, fostering connection and providing special ways to celebrate their lives. We appreciate your support of Keepsakes Connect and will continue to hold sacred your loved ones place at the table and in our hearts.


Never forgotten, forever loved.

Lily's Mom

***A percentage of all sale profits benefit Lily's Warrior Project, a Florida based non-profit providing Playtime, Hope, and Help for Children Fighting Cancer. Visit to learn more.


Lily's Mom 

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